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Homework Help: Noise (electronic Engineering)

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    Hey friends,

    Can you help me with the questions posted below ?

    a) How can noise affect an electronic system and the consequence of each ? (3 points)
    b) Noise is difficult to measure and characterize. State the reasons. (5 points)
    c) How do the choices of frequency and wavelength affect the overal design of an electronic system and the components within the system ? (5 points)
    d) How are decibel used in the analysis of an overall system gain and loss of a system ? (5 points)

    Help is greatly appreciated.
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    As is some effort on your part - please try and answer the question and we will help.
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    Noise is basically disturbance created by sorroundings on any particular systems.For example if u have any signal for RF transfer but if there is noise the signal will get distorted which,of course you don't want.
    It is difficult to measure bcoz it is result of sorrounding intfrence which cannot be quantified.Sometimes more interaction but sometimes very less.
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