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Noise Levels and Respect

  1. Mar 9, 2011 #1
    I have a roommate who blasts his music and bass below me till 5 am every night. It makes it very difficult to sleep and I have asked him to turn it down many times and every time he just curses me out. I would like to make it so his speakers don't play as loud or even that the bass is softer with out him knowing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    He has the harman kardon speakers and their subwoofer.
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    Flash and clear.
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    Take it apart and mess with the volume dial (if there is one)? Or just take it apart and snip some wires. Might give you some peace until he buys a new one or figures out what you did.

    Better solution: fist fight. Or just find a new living situation. :rolleyes:
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    Play loud music while he is asleep, try to find music he really hates, see how he likes it.
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    Uh why has no one said to report him to the police / landlord?

    If they won't listen to you asking nicely than get the law involved and they'll be forced to sort it.
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    A physics solution would be to remove the fuse from the fuse-box each night, or to re-wire the house so that you can blow the fuse from your bed every time he turns the speakers on. :devil:
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    Or, we could not discuss criminal damage and promote illegal activities.
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    If it's one's own home, and one's own fuse-wire, I don't see how it's illegal. :wink:

    (I'm not advocating blowing his speakers, only one's own fuse-wire!)
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    Well it doesn't sound like the OP is the owner - otherwise they could demand silence.
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    So you tell him that his music is keeping you up at night and he curses you out for it? He's obviously a sociopath. Get a new roommate.
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    1. Smash his head with a frying pan.
    2. Smash your head with a frying pan until blissful unconsciousness occurs.
    3. Become a heavy sleeper.
    4. Sneakliy break the speakers by messing with the wires.
    5. Not so sneakily break the spears by messing with a lump hammer.
    6. Call the police.
    7. Move out.
    8. Move him out.
    9. Do nothing.
    10. Talk to him when there is no music on.

    There are many more options. If you feel fancy OP you can mix and match them.
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    New roommate is the best solution. Its not worth it to live with someone whose lifestyle priorities are this different from yours.

    He doesn't need to sleep at night. Good for him. However, if he doesn't respect that you do need sleep in your life, then there's no point wasting any more time with him.

    If he's in a different apartment complain to the landlord or police. If he's your roommate (sharing an apartment with you) then get a new roommate!
  14. Mar 9, 2011 #13
    Do you live in an apartment or on campus?
  15. Mar 9, 2011 #14
    1.) Talk to him... if you feel uncomfortable, write a note.
    -You've done this... so.. ignore.
    2.) If polite confrontation fails, alert the landlord/super/non-emergency line for police, but warn your roomate of your intention first.
    The following are not endorsed, and are hypothetical for entertainment purposes only

    A.) Take a pin and punch dozens of tiny holds in the sub-woofer fabric/paper, much like perforating a piece of paper. Do it right, and if he goes above a given volume it will tear itself apart.
    B.) Water...
    C.) Start telling him to get headphones
    -If he agrees, WIN!
    -If not, start casually honing a knife.
    D.) Take an embarrsing or compromising picture as blackmail.
    E.) If he has any illegal hobbies, or cheats, blackmail.
    F.) Bend his wires near the terminal back and forth... you will damage them.
    G.) Put visine (normal type) in his food.

    H.) DO NOT DO THIS: Get a VERY powerful electromagnet... when he plays his music, bring it over and tell him he can shut it off, of you wipe anything digital he has. If that doesn't work, get creative with the magnet, but careful when you dispose of the body. :wink:
  16. Mar 10, 2011 #15
    Whatever happened to just physical confrontation? You asked the guy once, that was enough. Go down there and tell him if he doesn't knock his crap off you're not going to ask politely again.

    Seriously sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself and there are times where getting violent is the quickest way to solve a problem.
  17. Mar 10, 2011 #16
    Who's bigger? Who's stronger? Is the yelling guy armed, unstable, or maybe a boxer? Why risk a physical confrontation which carries the inherent risk of injury or death for both parties over a noise complaint, when the police are there to prevent JUST that kind of thing?

    Violence is the action of last resort, not right, not wrong, just last on the list if possible.
  18. Mar 10, 2011 #17
    Its my experience that people who are inconsiderate of others aren't so because they are big and tough but because they're spoiled brats who weren't raised properly. I've solved problems before by threatening to get violent if the issue doesn't go away.

    Also the police are useless for things like this - the last thing they care about is some guy playing his music, they might show up once but there isn't really anything they can do anyways.

    There used to be a time where men settled things between themselves like men, I personally don't believe in getting the police involved in stuff like this. I mean its really not a big deal to get into a fist fight - and if you win you get your point across a lot better than words can in most cases.
  19. Mar 10, 2011 #18
    Violence doesn't solve anything.

    1. He has threatening behaviour against you.
    2. Take it further and he has you for assault (and possibly more).
    3. Potentially criminal damage also.

    And what do you have on him? A noise complaint? Wow, yeah the judge is going to really come down on that guy and fully understand why you did what you did.

    Heck, without knowing what he's like he could turn around and kill you in self defence.
    Complete rubbish. In the UK it starts with going round and asking them to turn it down and is followed by removing the noise generating device. If it continues the council can serve and order against you as well.
    Not a big deal if he beats you into a coma in self defence? If he kills you in self defence? What if he pulls a knife / gun on you? Quite within his rights if you go at him.

    You may live in a place where fist fights are acceptable to solve your problems, but I certainly don't want to live there. I don't want to live in a place where people feel it is acceptable to beat others simply because they disagree with them or feel they are a nuisance. Remember, it's a small step from this to saying it's acceptable to beat the WBC because you don't like what they preach.
  20. Mar 10, 2011 #19
    I find you're often right, but that's still not worth the betting, nor is it worth violence.


    Even winning can be losing... only fight if you HAVE to, not as a tool... IMO.
  21. Mar 11, 2011 #20
    i think this requires subtlety. like a 60/120 Hz hum from a ground loop.
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