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Noisy meeting

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    On a serious note, you are in a meeting, nine people sat round a table one
    standing explaining some thing on a white board, and you hear a noise, of
    course every one looks, the chairs are covered in leather so may be hmm,
    then the noise comes again and you are in no doubt this time as to what
    and whom it is, the meeting goes on every one trying to concentrate on the
    speaker, but in the space of five minuter four or five of these noises occur,
    what do you do??
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    Continue playing games on your cell phone because the meeting was useless anyway?
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    you think to yourself....thank GOD its not me...then wonder if everyone else thinks its you.
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    No, it was an important meeting, about reorganizing the factory and brining in
    new machinery, the details were very important as the factory produces 24/7
    and any delays in reorganizing would loose customers.
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    The poor person should have excused himself to the bathroom.

    Lesson learned - don't eat beans the night before an important meeting.
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    Should some one have suggested he excuse himself ?
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    Perhaps the person giving the presentation, upon noticing that everyone was distracted from his talk anyway, could have decided it was a good time to take a 5 min break before continuing the discussion so the poor fellow in "distress" could run to the restroom!
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    There's a prof at Harvard in the applied math dept (maybe he's retired now) who had no control over his gas during class. Ripped some while we were taking our final too. Acted like nothing happened.
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    I pretend to listen so I could get the meeting over with and kill franzbear when I get home
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