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Aerospace Nomenclature of RC Heli

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    I wanted to build a RC Heli., can any one tell me all the parts to make a RC heli(helicopter)..? or a website that contains it..
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    Try looking at current designs to get ideas. I suggest you start electric and look in the 450 size range.
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    Yeah! That's great.. According to my knowledge, the typical parts of a radio controlled helicopter is as follows:
    a) Fuselage i)Canopy p) Rx batteries
    b) Main Rotor j) Landing Skid q) Receiver (Rx)
    c) Flybars k) Engine r) Push rods
    d)Tail Rotors l) Fuel tank s) Transmitter (TX)
    e)Main Rotor Blade m) Servos t) TX batteries
    f) Tail Rotor blades n) Swash plate
    h) Paddles o) Tail boom
    I think these parts may change with the model...
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    [PLAIN]http://www.rcaeronautics4dodos.filipinovegetarianrecipe.com/images/heli_parts.gif [Broken]
    This is the nomenclature of an RC Heli...
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    Great job, keep up the learning! What I would not suggest is that you look online at a parts vendor to get the exact names of all the pieces you have in that picture you found.
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    Thank you! While trying for parts I got an idea to try for a manual on building a RC Heli..
    So I had to search for books. Can you suggest me some books, or ebooks, or websites which give detail theory and practical about building an RC.
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    Anamar, the links you provided are pretty good. My only recommendation is that unless you're both an accomplished aero/mech engineer and machinist, you go with commercially-produce blades and controls for those blades (including tail rotar).

    As for the body, boom, skids, etc., I think a child's lunchbox would work well enough!
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