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Homework Help: Nomenclature phsyics questions

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    How is this nomenclature read and what is the meaning of the alpha and the n? quote below

    In terms of the absolute 182Hf abundance, howevever, only AGB (asymptotic giant branch) models of mass ~2 to 4 solar masses are major producers of s process 182Hf in the Galaxy, owing to the combined effect of the 13C(alpha,n)16O and 22Ne(alpha,n)Mg
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    You must be new to physics.

    n stands for neutron
    alpha stands for alpha particle, which is the same as a helium-4 nucleus (but with no electrons)

    The notation 13C(alpha,n)16O is a shorthand form for the nuclear reaction 13C + α → 16O + n
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