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Nommos Prime (Dogon) Gets Another One Right On (or UP ) The Nose

  1. May 25, 2004 #1
    Nommos Prime (Dogon) Gets "Another One Right On (or "UP") The Nose"

    Well, thanks to the most diligent (and rather covert, perhaps even illegal) tracking by me, Muster Mark (3) and especially Sven, it has been determined that Mars Express has “passed over” the Face on 3 separate periapsis.

    Where’s the images?
    Certainly, not released to the public...

    I quote my prediction of 6 February 2004, from the thread;

    By Nommos Prime (Dogon);
    “Prediction; Mars Express will not return a single image of ““The Face””.”

    “Mars Express and imaging of ““The Face””;

    Now, its not that hard to work out.

    Mars Express Orbiter has been orbiting Mars for approximately six months. The ESA Website contains about 100 images! Thats it! Beautiful (and detailed) though they are, it just doesn’t cut it...
    CENSORSHIP Supreme (The JPL/NSA/NASA Connection...).

    My consistency (in being right) is starting to piss-off many “respected” astrophysicists, who really love to slag down my “insane” theories, which just keep on coming up TRUMPS...
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  3. May 26, 2004 #2
    Yawn. I too used to believe that the face was the work of some ancient cilvilization... then I grew up.
  4. May 26, 2004 #3
    Yes Men

    You grew up into what?
    A "tow-the-line" Yes Man?

    I was right, you were wrong...
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    you might be right. i found a face in the gravel of my driveway. the very next day a huge downpour washed it away... coincidence?
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    Just curious, what would it take to make you believe that "The Face" ISN'T the work of some alien civilization?

    For me, it's simply that I haven't seen proof that it WAS manufactured. Sure, it looks like a face in the one grainy Viking picture... not much else.
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    I'm sure there are a lot of real experiments to do first. If the probe lasts long enough, maybe they can get to the garbage later.

    Face it, it is not a worthwhile endeavor to look at the face. If it is not seen to be a face, and they publish that data, the "face fanatics" will disbelieve it. Since they are the only ones who care, and they can not accept one of the possibilities, why bother?

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