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Non _g_ psychometrics - status of genetic importance? biology?

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    In the Questions on _g_ and intelligence thread we have been discussing one branch of psychology (psychometrics), and one branch within that sub-discipline (intelligence).

    In that thread, Mandrake quoted Jensen:
    This got me wondering, what is the status of all other psychological variables, wrt genetics? In particular, since psychometrics is much broader than just intelligence - it includes, for example, personality, aptitudes, interests, achievement, and proficiency - how far have psychologists got in terms of showing genetic bases for these (presumably) quantitatively characterised aspects?

    Psychology is, of course, concerned with brains, albeit indirectly. With the recent advances in neuroscience, one might expect that the 'brain biology' basis for findings in psychology could be elucidated. Indeed, as this comment by Mandrake - wrt intelligence and _g_ - makes clear, intelligence psychometricians believe they have made just such connections:
    How widely are such brain models used by psychometricians studying, for example, personality? What different brain models do other psychologists use? How do these various models relate to what neuroscientists have found?
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    Like gypsies playing the violin!


    I wonder too.

    have gypsies evolved a slight genetic-based statistical aptitude
    for playing the violin

    or pehaps they have taken it up because simply by accident they tend to be physically well suited for it?

    perhaps in the fullness of time all these things will be revealed
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    Here's something I've posted elsewhere and will post it here - again - since this may be what you're asking ----

    As this study of monozygotic twins reared apart indicates, personality seems to be strongly heritable for most traits. So, while this might have been turned into a political issue– (and it has been) the evidence is strong that more than our physical appearance is substantially affected by our genetic makeup. There are studies out there that support the conclusion that we are affected by our genes both on the inside and out. Considering this – it doesn't take much of an imagination to suspect that behavior might very well be, at least in some aspect, a product of evolution – rather than as some advocate – all socialized into the individual.

    http://www.mugu.com/cgi-bin/Upstream/Issues/psychology/IQ/bouchard-twins.html [Broken]

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