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News Non binding resolution?

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    I would submit that this resolution is binding. It binds the men and women serving in our military to remain as targets in Iraq.


    This IMO is the point the GOP leadership missed.

    Obviously this was nothing more than an election year stunt. One would think that a Congress with a 20% approval rating in an election year would be about doing the peoples business. Instead the GOP controlled house is more interested in playing politics than actually accomplishing anything.
    I sincerely hope that this backfires right in their face.
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    It's non-binding in the sense that it makes no difference what the House of Representatives states. They have no power to either deploy or recall military personnel.
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    I suspect nasty campaigns by both sides, but particularly those closest to Karl Rove. Rove and others will use the “cut and run” mantra, as well as the amendment to 'protect marriage'.

    Interestingly, I heard a discussion today about the recent Supreme Court ruling that "protects evidence collected by police who fail to knock and announce themselves. But police professionals say they see no need to change their normal practices. They don't feel handcuffed by existing rules."

    Police See No Change in Policy on Searches
    by Nina Totenberg

    It would appear that conservatives who claim police have been hampered by the 'exclusion rule' are out of touch with reality. :rolleyes:
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    Congress long ago mastered the art of the non binding resolution to give the voters the impression they were doing something about a publicly disturbing problem without actually committing themselves in any way.
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