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Non calor sed umor

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    I don't think that the administation of this site does itself a favor by blocking the img feature. So no eye flattering graphs, just links.

    Remember the EPICA Dome C ice core? An unprecedent dating of 740,000 years peeking back well into the last ice age? The data are here.

    Let's concentrate on the dD data. The deuterium ratio is believed to be directly proportional to the temperature. There is an older thread on that. I'd like to compare the dD signal to the layer height to see if there is also a corrolation between precipitation rate and isotope ratio. http://home.wanadoo.nl/bijkerk/domec-layer.jpg [Broken]

    (Al values are reduced to the ratio to the average value of the general trendline) Now you could say that the outcome seems to be rather positive.

    Is this yeah...whatever, or are the fundamentals of the ice age tumbling?
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