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Non-commutative geometry in ST?

  1. Feb 11, 2004 #1
    I know that the spacetime position coordinates of D-branes become non-commuting matrices for coincident D-branes, but I'm not sure how or if this is related to the employment of NCG in ST.
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    anyway, if noncommutative matrices can describe the coordinates of D branes, i am sure it would make sense that NGC plays a significant role in string theory. matrices --> geometry connection?
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    That's what I think too. But I was trying to decipher a paper by edward witten and near as I could tell, this use of NCG was distinctly different from the D-brane thing and had something to do with the antisymmetric B-field in the massless bosonic sector. Anyway, I just ordered a copy of "D-branes" by victor johnson and it apparently includes a more accessable discussion of it. I guess I'll see.
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