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Non-condensing steam recovery from exhaust gas?

  1. Aug 23, 2012 #1
    Cyclonic separators can be used to collect water in after-treatment when hydrocarbons are burnt, but (for one thing) this expends energy in cooling the walls of the cyclone.

    Is there a means to, say, use a similar effect of centrifugal force to concentrate the water molecules near the outer wall of a device, but without having to condense them before (as in the cyclone) gravity does it's bit and droplets form.

    I had considered that the inner surface of the separator might look more toroidal than conical, but employ some effect similar to osmosis where a section of the device's wall acts as a micro-sieve; letting steam but not (large-amounts of) CO2, etc through.

    I'm interested in keeping the steam recovered from the gas flow as hot as possible, and I also don't care how clean it is (acidification, etc isn't a problem).

    I'm designing a system for onboard gasification of torrefied wood to be used on a lorry/truck, if you're wondering...
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