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Non destructive technique for Measuring and profiling the density of a food wafer

  1. Jan 25, 2010 #1
    Hey, I am trying to measure and profile the density variation across a food wafer approximately 2 mm thick, I'm trying to find a method that will soley measure the density of the wafer and this method should be non destructive(the wafer can't be harmed). I have tried to do some research around the web but I can't find much, my initial ideas were,

    1; LED light source, however when testing this method the results showed that the thickness and colour of the wafer greatly affected the readings.

    2; Ultrasonics, testing this showed that the moisture content of the wafer greatly affected the reading

    3; UV light, I have done some preliminary testing with UV and it was quite promising, from the results it was obvious that the thickness and moisture content did not affect the reading, I am currently trying to relate the absorbance to density. If you have any views of why UV should or should not work I would greatly appreciate your input.

    I have also looked into beta radiation which seems to do the job but there are health and safety concerns with using this method. If you have any ideas how I could go about measuring the density which we could discuss it would be very helpful. Thanks !
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