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Non-Einstenian Special Relativity.

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    Is there another version of SR without obeying Einsteinian postulates?, which are:

    1. Speed of Light is the same for all the observers (note: in the fictional?? "Ummo Mistery" about alien contact they talked about a different configuration of space-time in 10-dimension so you could choose set of system with different light speed "c" )

    2. Space is isotrope, and Lorentz transforms could be considered as some kind of rotations' in 4-Euclidean space [tex] g_{ab}=(1,1,1,1) [/tex]


    ¿ Could Einstein be wrong and speed of light is changing??. note that in FRW metric the 'Radius of Universe' is variable [tex] R=R(t) [/tex] however common sense or classical Newtonian mechanics predicts a never-changing universe, so it wouldn't be so rare that speed of light changed in time c=c(t) , and isotropy of space is 'supposed' from empirical facts, but at Quantum scale is nothing known, so could Einstein be wrong??, remember the group-contraction so whenever [tex] \hbar \rightarrow 0 [tex] things are very different, a possible key would be quantum Electrodynamic and how the Maxwell laws are modified.
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