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Non flammables & conductivity

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    Hi, I am not a Chem student but I have a few questions.

    I am looking for a non flammable chemical that is also conductive.Liquid form preferred!
    Multiple suggestions appreciated...
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    What about water with salts or strong acids or strong bases dissolved in it?
    Among pure substances: a liquid metal (Hg, Ga or any other metal which can be melted; in case, low melting point alloys) liquid HF, liquid ammonia.
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    What sort of application are you looking at? Water with an ionic or polar covalent compound dissociated in it it can cause redox reactions to occur (especially if you have non-inert metal electrodes). This can cause the creation of flammable hydrogen gas (with oxygen as an accelerant) and it can degrade components.

    I agree with lightarrow that a liquid metal is handy. Mercury is used in some orientation switches because of its low viscosity and high conductivity.

    This guy has a cheap indium and gallium liquid metal alloy if you are interested:
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    In the USA, mercury is banned from most or all retail products due to the toxicity of methyl mercury.
    Mercury can amalgamate other metals (e.g., silver, gold, copper) and corrode others (e.g., aluminum).
    About 1950, I panned lots of mercury near abandoned mercury mines in California (mercury was used to make primer during WW II), and have given most of it away.
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