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Non-Homogeneous Current Density?

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    I have some small channels filled with a fluid (say water with a conductivity in the order 5.5e-6 S m^-1). I am simulating the various flows etc using COMSOL. In the simulation I have created a potential on one of the boundaries, say 2V and have grounded another of the boundaries. All the other boundaries are electric insulators.

    The question I have is that I can view the current density of the model. But I am interested in the current between one electrode to the other, as ultimately I am interested in the impedance of the path between the two electrodes. I have integrated the current density of the one of the boundaries to find the current of that boundary - which is fine. However, because the current density is non-homogeneous through out the model I cannot find the actual current between the two electrodes.

    How can I find this?


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