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Non Ideal plane balancing

  1. Jul 1, 2013 #1
    Hi all, suppose that i have three forces exerting to support a flat piece of uniform object.(Imagine a 3 cylinders supporting an object in a triangular way. In ideal situation, all 3 forces must exert the same amount of force so that the object will not be tilted in any side. But since its non ideal, the 3 forces may vary by a little. How can i come up with a formula that calculates the variance of 3 forces.
    For e.g 4.9, 4.8, 4.8 is quite an ideal situation while 4.9,5.0,5.1 is not since it will be abit lopsided. Thanks
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    Assuming this is a ridgid plane...

    This sounds to me like you would want to calulate the center of mass of the plane and compare that location to the center of effort of the three supports (and since there are three, I think the correct view would be to see if this would actually be a "line" or axis of effort).

    Then apply the down vector at the center of mass and the up vector through the axis of effort, and use the displacement between them (distance from the point to the line). The line axis of effort is going to rest on two of the three supports, and if the center of mass of the plane is on one side of that line, the plane rests, but if it is on the other side (the side without the third support under it), then it falls.

    Something like that?
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