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Non-linear chaotic dynamical systems and psychology?

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    Does anyone know anything concrete about the application of nonlinear chaotic dyamical systems to psychology? I have come to find out that there is a substantial amount of research being done on this. I read some articles today where people were trying to apply this to dysfunctional families, classroom situations, etc.... However there was some research which is more bioloigcal in nature, which is more believeable. But a large amount of it is all qualatative in nature, with only a very vague connection to chaos. It also seems to me that many of these "reseachers" have grossly misunderstood what a chaotic dynamical system is, and how you can tell wheater you have one or not.
    These applications are being taught in Universities as valid models. wtf?
    How can this be?!

    **I miss the dinosaurs. -ss**
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    I know of some work has been done on physiology - particularly on relationships between cardiac behavior and illness.
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    sigh...once again....was that my question?
    Does the keyboard really make that interesting of a sound?

    ** I really really miss the dinosaurs- ss **
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