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Non Linear Dynamics & Chaos

  1. Jul 20, 2007 #1
    I am thinking of taking this as an elective next year (mainly because it sounds cool and I need math credits), but I have no idea of what to expect. Anyone taken a similar course before? What kind of material is covered? Is it interesting/useful?
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    Needless to say, those 3(4) words cover a lot of topics...

    From adding nonlinearities to linear differential equations; to linear stability analysis and local bifurcation theory; to center manifold reduction and normal form analysis; to numerical studies -- integration, continuation; to more global objects, such as, connecting orbits and (un)stable manifolds; to more complicated differential equations and functional analysis.

    You'd have to specify the syllabus/group for one to say whether the course worth it or not...

    "Nonlinear dynamics and chaos" can be applied to every branch of science -- so, in the end, is most certainly worth it :smile:
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