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Non-linear integration

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    can someone help me to solve this problem.i cannot remember how to solve the non-linear integration.like using chi-square distribution and uniform distribution. which one can i used to solve this integration?

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    Make the substitution [itex]u= -\alpha(1- \beta)t+ q^{1-\beta}[/itex]. Then you will just be integrating constants times u to a constant power.
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    Sorry..i cannot understand completely of the subtitution there.this is what i understand from what u said.if im wrong.can u explain more detail for me.because after i subtitute,the eq.cannot be integrate too.

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    Apply [itex]\displaystyle \int u^c du = \frac {u^{c+1}} {c+1} \color{gray}{ + C}[/itex].
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