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Non-linear universe and thoughts on conciousness

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    Now this next post is actualy connected to my previous post about light speed.
    Now what the light speed is infinite also shows is that there is no external time what so ever. What i mean is the big bang is happening right now just as the possible end of the universe is happening right now. There is no time outside of our minds.
    For example if you stand on a planet and watch the rain, you see it fall at a certain speed. Now you might be fooled into thinking that if you wernt there to see the rain fall it would fall at exactly the same speed you saw it fall right? Wrong! It falls infinitly quickly or more accurately maybe it doesnt fall at any speed at all. Every single frame or moment of rain falling co exists at the same time like one massive trailer.

    Further proof of this is the fact that a fly would see the rain fall 6 times more slowly than a human and an elephant would see it fall something like 50% faster than a human. This proves that there is no external time as if there was this would not happen.

    What time in fact is (and sorry if your a poor person who doesnt believe in a soul) is the speed at which your soul focuses on reality/your mind.
    Imagine your life is like a book and every word is a moment in time. All the words are already there as in all moments of time exist in the now.
    Time is where your soul focus its conciousness on the human brain and moves forward at a certain speed just as you read the words on a book and this creates the illusion of time. What in fact led me to discover this was when I had a direct experience with this once (and sorry if your anti drugs) when I was on lsd.
    What happened was I was walking along talking to someone and several times time jumped instantly like a CD jumping.
    I would be walking along in the middle of a conversation and in an instantly I would be 4-5 minuites further down the road in a different conversation. When i say instantly I meant instantly. I didnt black out for 5 minuites, I instantly in like 0.00001 seconds was teleported 4-5 minuites later in time.
    I beleive this is becase lsd can affect the connection of the souls awareness to the human mind and my souls conciousness jumped from one point in time to another. This could not possibilty happen if non relative time was not
    non- linear or if conciousness was only part of your brain.

    I know a lot of people think there is no soul and that conciousness is in the mind but that is not true. Without the soul you would simply be a robot with no conciousness. This is why if you made a robot with a mind like a humans it would never be aware as it has no soul. Thus commander data on star trek would not be aware.
    If you guys who think conciousness is just in the mind then according to you when humans make robots in the future they would be come concious wouldnt they and I think that idea is silly as at what point of making better robots that have minds closer and closer to a human do they suddenly suddenly become aware? The human mind is nothing more than a computer and just like a computer it is not aware. I mean if you believe that awareness is created by the mind then your pc would have some level of awareness wouldnt it?
    Conciousness is created because your soul focus's its awareness on the human mind. What is very freaky about this is as follows.
    It is that you arnt really the human you think you are. Ill explain.
    What you could do is this. Imagine there are 2 people, person A and person B.
    Person A's soul could stop focusing on person A's mind and focus on person B's mind and person B's soul could stop focusing on person B's mind and focus on person A's mind. Thus what would happen is person A's soul would now think he was person B just as person B's soul would think he was person A.
    So potentialy people could swap with each other!!! Or even crazier 1000 souls could focus on one human and 1000 people would live the same life!!!
    So you see you arnt really the human you think you are, your souls is just aware of the human mind and this tricks you into thinking that you are actually the human.
    Now for those of you who dont believe in soul and think this is rubbish than fine, im not going to try to change you mind as I know once people have decided there is no soul there's usually no changing thier mind even if you have virtual proof so think what you will.

    Any way just to finish of by going back the fact that there is no external time. I think that that is amasing. Just to think that the big bang is happening now. To think that the future and the past is happening right now its just that you arnt focusing on it amase's me :)
    Also it means is the universe is eternal and invincible as it has existed for infinity and will continue to exist for infinity as there is no time.
    Any thoughts on this idea will be welcome.....
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    Dj, unfortunately I feel you have worded your post in a way that puts a would be responder in a quandary as to what to say.

    I get the feeling that you are attempting to describe the nature of the Now and how the passage of time is interpreted by the brain, or as you would suggest the soul. It is true I feel that the only moment that exists actually has passed by the time you recognize it, and is commonly referred to as the "Now".

    It could be argued that the NOW changes at the rate of 'c' or at the same rate of the fastest object in the universe changes it's location, that being light. But of course, we are changing at the same rate so therefore light is only evident by it's effect and not it's substance.

    So time does not exist except as a memory. That is retained by our mind in ways we have yet to learn about.

    As the NOW has no duration, it to doesn't really exist either except as an event horizon between the future and the past. And this is what we see, the past of the NOW.

    You can consider the Now as a two dimensional film of plastic with the future on one side and the past on the other and we are only ever able to see the past side of this 2 dimensional film of plastic. [NOW]

    I think your reference to the soul could be tightened a little by saying that we inhabit our bodies in a way of saying that our body is external to our soul or center, the only part of our body we really lack awareness of as separate is our brain, we look down at our hands and feet and we can feel just about every part of our bodies except the center of our brain. So in a sense our body is external or surrounds our soul.

    Now I use the word soul in the sense that this reflective awareness suggest the existence of a reflected body or reality which gets into areas such as reflective dualism and could be termed soul or spirit. but could actually be a reflective outcome of physical activities. Like being the magnetic field and as a magnetic field, being aware of the magnet. The field being an reflected outcome of that magnet.

    I tend to feel that the center of consciousness is eternal and sees time from that frame of reference. Like a rest frame in Special Relativity. All being considered from that perspective. Thus movement appears to be movement relative to that frame of stillness and eternal time.

    It could be argues for instance that when you are unconscious you are one with the universe but of course you have no awareness of being so.

    Sorry if I have rambled too much.........
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    This is somewhat like suggesting that since different people perceive color differently, light doesn't exist. Obviously, that's nonsense. An organism's internal model of external phenomena is not a steadfast guide to the nature of those phenomena.

    The rest of this post consists mainly of bald assertion, with no real attempts at providing theoretical or empirical support. Please adhere to the Philosophy Forum Guidelines in the future.
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