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Non-linearity for c and k

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    Hi I am working on a project these days where I try to estimate the damping and spring stiffness. The way the physical model is described is by a single mass kelvin model. Therefore the mathematical model is described with the following homogenous ODE:

    mx’’ + cx’ + kx = 0

    The problem is that I need to have a relationship between the damping and the spring stiffness. The k and c should also not be constants. They have to be non-linear.
    So the question is if there are some good theories which can help me describe such non-linearity for c and k?
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    Are you asking how solve or analyze the differential equation for given k and c functions, or are you asking how to determine the right c and k for your model?

    If it's the latter, perhaps this post should be moved to the classical mechanics forum.
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    HI, MisterX you are right. I want to estimate k and c.
    I am new at this forum. SO i will move the post to "Classical Mecahnics"
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