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Non-Local Dynamics

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    What could possibly be the mathematical formulation of non-local dynamics in quantum and the spacetime manifold?
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    For example, non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics--the kind usually taken as the starting point for theoretical developments in condensed matter physics... this contains non-local terms in the hamiltonian wherein creation and annihilation operators at different points in space multiply each other.

    In any local action you have operators all evaluated at the same spacetime point (and integrated over that spacetime location), but if the operators were not evaluate at the same point the theory would not be non-local... normally one would need some kind of function connecting the operators (all spacetime points being integrate over), e.g., the coulomb potential in condensed matter physics
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    I'm talking about quantum non-locality and how its dynamics can possibly occur. In Bohm Implicate order. Non-locality is the fundamental aspect where every thing is part of everything just like a holographic image containing the entire object even in tiny nanometer size of it. Similarly in Bohm Implicate Order the entire universe (or at least section) of is contained in every small part of the Implicate Order. It is only when it is exfolded as Explicate Order that the spacetime manifold is created and physical distance is artificially constructed.

    Besides Bohm Implicate Order. What other theories can handle quantum non-local dynamics?
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