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Non-mainstream physics

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    Hello people,
    I'm really interested in non-mainstream physics but so far i can't find a place./forum where i can discuss or share theories. I've tried doing it in the Quantum Physics section, but my thread was rejected because personal theory developments are not allowed here. So far it's ok, but since I'm new to this forum (yes, i read the guidelines), could you please tell me where i can discuss these kind of topics and is this possible somewhere in Physics Forums.
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    Doesn't look like it.
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    I think there are two senses in the phrase "non-mainstream physics":
    1) crackpot theories
    2) absolutely legal theories that lie beyond the field of interest for the substantial part of the community
    I do not think that admins will fight against the second one
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    Vanadium 50

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    Bad advice. Very bad advice. No crackpot thinks "I have a crackpot theory!". Telling them that it's OK to post that here is bad advice.
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    perhaps you are right
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    Nowhere. You have found the wrong forum if that is your sole intention. The PF Rules are very clear and explicit about this.

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    So you guys are telling me that, there is no forum on the internet that allows discussion of non-mainstream physics???

    P.S. I wasn't asking only about PF sections
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    Vanadium 50

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    There's nowhere on PF. We can't speak for the entire internet.
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    First, I would go to a website called Google, then type the following into the box in the middle of the screen: On the Fringe Alternative Theories revolutionary physics, alternative medicine, creationism/intelligent design and more

    Or, you can copy and paste it, as that's a lot of typing.

    Then push the [Google Search] button on the screen, or push the [enter/return] key on your keyboard, which ever is more convenient.

    Then click on the first link displayed and, Voila!
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    There are plenty of free-for-all forums where any theory can be proposed. I'm sure an online search will link to many of that type. One can always have one's own free blog or even one's own domain name. Anyone can start their own forum. There are even forums or personal websites which are on a rampage against actual science, in favor of crank science.

    In my opinion, PF stands against all this junk. I think there is great value in having at least one popular forum where the rule is to stick to mainstream science, meaning science which has been validated by the scientific method. That's why I was so happy to stumble across this forum. Add the fact they do not tolerate abusive posts, and you have a great forum. So I hope PF never changes.

    Of course some may reply that yesterday's fringe science is today's mainstream science. In some cases that is true. However, in order to graduate from fringe science to mainstream science, there is a process that must be followed

    Sometimes this is a long and difficult process. I remember for example reading years ago, when I was still a student, about Ovshinsky and his struggles to find acceptance for his work on amorphous semiconductors. That story really impressed me and stuck in my mind. He finally had to go to Japan to find some support. This technology ended up making lots of money for Japan. The truth did win in the end.

    Another great story is the biologist Barbara McClintock, one of my favorites of all time, because she not only battled against her intellectual inferiors in high places, but against sexism as well. But she did triumph in the end.

    Why did they win? Because in science we don't just argue about the truth, we actually have a method for discovering the truth. That is the difference between science and religion. You can't win against religious fanatics because they live in their own fantasy world. We would be living in a nightmare world if the religious fanatics ruled over us. So we must keep science pure at all costs, which means strict adherence to the scientific method.

    In addition to the threat from religious fanaticism, there are many crackpots and outright money-grubbing frauds. We need to protect science from those types as well.

    Also, lots of students go on PF. They need to learn mainstream science, not fringe theories.

    One other point. We should never fall for the Galileo Fallacy. "Galileo was persecuted. Galileo turned out to be right. I am persecuted. Therefore, I will turn out to be right." That is a logical fallacy.
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    Great advice everyone, good luck!
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