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Non-science homework

  1. Jul 28, 2003 #1
    The description didn't claim Homework had to be science

    I've had lots of problems getting people to give me their opinions and corrections on my essay, could you guys read like a paragraph of it or more and tell me what you think?


    (it is the first link, in PDF form).
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    What class is it for?
    (I’m looking at how you introduce the topic, stay on point, etc.)
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    The way we do things is very, very strict. It was the first time I read rules like that so it may seem odd (to me, the rules were). I was asked to start off with 2 paragraphs, the first one could not have any references to the book.

    The essay is character analyzation. Of course, no "I, me, myself" etc. There had to be quotes with the page number. I wasn't sure if the page number came before or after the period, please check that to see if I am right and I consistently put it in the right place, though I doubt I did.

    It is an essay for 10th Grade Honors English.
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