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Non-thermal radiation

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    Here, I read about non-thermal radiation sources:
    1- when an accerelated charged particle emits EM radiation, so it must lose energy. What does happen finally to electrons radiating in synchrotron process and what is the frequency of their radiation?
    2- is "inverse-compton radiation" included in this type of radiation?
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    hi shirin

    it would be a really good exercise for you to start learning how to research for information
    there is masses of info on the www for Synchrotron radiation

    here's one to start you off ....

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    Thanks for your reply and your concern.
    I certaily do research on the www. But sometimes after reading several articles, I don't find the exact answer to my questions like this.That's why I ask them here. For example I read about synchrotron, but it came to my mind if we know what happens to electrons that have synchrotron radiation in a galaxy. Do they radiate until they lose whole their energy or it is not predictable?
    In the article that I cited it's mentioned that compton radiation is another kind of non-thermal radiation. But here :
    it says about inverse-compton radiation! Here is my question.
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