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Non uniform load in ansys

  1. Dec 6, 2007 #1
    How can I set a non uniform load (for example sin(x)) in on a cylinder ring?
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    Hello elena,

    you may get the coordinate of the node/element by apdl and define any function for the load also using apdl. Apdl is some kind of batch/script programming implemented within Ansys. You might inspect the detailled documentation/help for more informations. You also can send me a pm for a sample apdl-file.
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    Thanks so much and sorry that i was late to thank you!!
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    I'm also studing same problem. I have a cylinder. I want to apply a non uniform load. I can apply one coordınate. I want to apply same load as parallel . Can you help me? How can I set load (depends on only x coordinate) in on a cylinder
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