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Non-uniform universe model with expansion and simultaneous compression

  1. May 22, 2004 #1
    visualize a model of the whole universe as a wobbly mass of gooey fluid,
    like a very loose jelly in zero gravity. A model of the universe with these
    characteristics of a liquid would allow for the perception over time of
    accelerated expansion within OUR time horizon.

    therefore that same universe percieved from somewhere beyond our horizon,
    may within their horizon appear to have redshift or blueshift, possibly
    accelerating or decellerating, or patches of red and blue within the

    It is difficult to visually imagine this model whilst allowing for the time
    it takes light to reach the viewer... but not impossible

    such a unviverse would fluctuate in density within a range like a spongy
    bouncy liquid so would need some kind of anitgravity or dark energy to
    regulate that...

    therefore no big bang, this model could be infinite also...

    please tell whats wrong with this theory....
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    "A wobbly mass of gooey fluid" would have a well-defined edge to it. Presumably at least some observers within it would be able to see the edge, as though it were some sort of cosmic wall off in the distance in a certain direction. That seems kind of strange to me. Or am I taking your analogy too literally?
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    dear janitor, wether the universe is infinite or not (wether it has an edge or not) is always hard to imagine, my theory leaves that issue wide open, I suspect we will never know what lies beyond the universe and we cannot imagine infinity so its not really worth worrying about.

    to clarify one point: this model of the universe is basically a steady state with a random pulsing rythm of localised expansion or contraction, so it has no beginning or end (in time).

    I think this theory should be called local expansion theory... maybe ive just thought up something thats been disproved before, if anyone has heard of a similar theory please let me know... thnx ERIC
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    re. "A wobbly mass of gooey fluid" would have a well-defined edge to it."

    maybe I should have said; visualise an INFINITE wobbly mass of gooey fluid...
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    I am working on a local model of the universe as the existence local infinitesimal motion (LIM) of one dimensional space. The symmetry and conservation of the LIM allow for two structures that are not topologically equivalent. One structure is the potential mass. One is the kinetic mass. The potential mass tends to coalesce although the Pauli Exclusion Principle prohibits this tendency of the potential mass. The kinetic mass tends to spreadout although the superposition principle says that they can come together. Each of these masses are doing the exact opposite of what the physical principles allow them to do.

    The expansion of the universe can be seen as the effect of kinetic mass spreading out in all directions.
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