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Homework Help: Non-uniformly sampled transfer function data

  1. Jan 22, 2016 #1
    I have non-uniformly sampled transfer function data (magnitude only) in the range of 100kHz and 200MHz. Using this transfer function, I would like to calculate output from specific input.

    Question :

    1. To obtain phase of the transfer function from the magnitude data, I am trying to use Hilbert transform.

      (1) Phase = - imag( Hilbert( log ( TF_magnitude ) ) );

      Is above line of code right? I found the below equation for calculating the minimum phase.

      (2) θ(ω)=−H[ln(G(ω))]

      I do not know why (1) use imag function.

    2. I do not have the transfer function data under 100kHz, especially 0Hz. In this case, should I extrapolate the data under 100kHz? or insert 0? insert mean value? Does this make a big difference in output?

    3. The sampling period of the transfer function is not linear, but uniform in log-scale. To make this linear, I tried to interpolate this using cubic-spline. But as the figure below, the transfer function does not have any regularity.

    Therefore, I am trying to extract input data that is corresponding to transfer function data, calculate the output, and then interpolate the output for linear spaced output points. Does it matter if I work this way?​


    In addition, should I make the output (or the transfer function) linear to perform IFFT in MATLAB?​

    As I am poor at English, I am not sure my thoughts are conveyed.. but I hope so. Any help would be appreciate.
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