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None standard higgs

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    CP Studies and Non-Standard Higgs Physics
    Authors: S. Kraml, E. Accomando, A.G. Akeroyd, E. Akhmetzyanova, J. Albert, A. Alves, N. Amapane, M. Aoki, G. Azuelos, S. Baffioni, A. Ballestrero, V. Barger, A. Bartl, P. Bechtle, G. Belanger, A. Belhouari, R. Bellan, A. Belyaev, P. Benes, K. Benslama, W. Bernreuther, M. Besancon, G. Bevilacqua, M. Beyer, M. Bluj, S. Bolognesi, M. Boonekamp, F. Borzumati, F. Boudjema, A. Brandenburg, T. Brauner, C.P. Buszello, J.M. Butterworth, M. Carena, D. Cavalli, G. Cerminara, S.Y. Choi, B. Clerbaux, C. Collard, J.A. Conley, A. Deandrea, S. De Curtis, R. Dermisek, A. De Roeck, G. Dewhirst, M.A. Diaz, J.L. Diaz-Cruz, D.D. Dietrich, M. Dolgopolov, D. Dominici, M. Dubinin, O. Eboli, J. Ellis, N. Evans, L. Fano, J. Ferland, S. Ferrag, S.P. Fitzgerald, H. Fraas, F. Franke, S. Gennai, I.F. Ginzburg, R.M. Godbole, T. Gregoire, et al (101 additional authors not shown)
    Comments: Report of the CPNSH workshop, May 2004 - Dec 2005, 542 pages. The complete report as well as its individual chapters are also available from this http URL
    Report-no: CERN-2006-009

    There are many possibilities for new physics beyond the Standard Model that feature non-standard Higgs sectors. These may introduce new sources of CP violation, and there may be mixing between multiple Higgs bosons or other new scalar bosons. Alternatively, the Higgs may be a composite state, or there may even be no Higgs at all. These non-standard Higgs scenarios have important implications for collider physics as well as for cosmology, and understanding their phenomenology is essential for a full comprehension of electroweak symmetry breaking. This report discusses the most relevant theories which go beyond the Standard Model and its minimal, CP-conserving supersymmetric extension: two-Higgs-doublet models and minimal supersymmetric models with CP violation, supersymmetric models with an extra singlet, models with extra gauge groups or Higgs triplets, Little Higgs models, models in extra dimensions, and models with technicolour or other new strong dynamics. For each of these scenarios, this report presents an introduction to the phenomenology, followed by contributions on more detailed theoretical aspects and studies of possible experimental signatures at the LHC and other colliders.
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    Here's a non Standard Model hypothesis--the Higgs is the force that binds asymmetrical clusters (bags) of matter and antimatter quarks.
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