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Nonlinear Mass Spring Damper with Euler Bernoulli Beam

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    I'm trying to find a solution to a system in which a clamped free Euler-Bernoulli Beam system rests on top of a mass-spring-damper system. The MSD system has nonlinearities in both the spring and the damper and is of the form:


    I have extended the nonlinear restoring force to its 3rd term and have enforced the nonlinear damping to obey the power law. I believe this is the correct form for both.

    I have no problem solving the Euler-Bernoulli beam problem by itself. That is pretty straight forward. I am mainly interested in an investigation of the modal coordinates, natural frequencies, and behavior of the beam deflection when placed over the MSD system. Obviously the natural frequencies are unaffected since they are a result of material properties. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.

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