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Nonlinear material problem in ANSYS Workbench

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    I'm currently conduction a nonlinear analysis of a partially buried, cylindrically shaped sump-system. I've decided to best simulate the stresses on the sump by modelling a shallow cylinder with gravel-properties around it and a cube with soil-properties surrounding both sump and gravel.

    As I'm writing my bachelor's thesis in mechanical engineering, soil mechanics is not my field of study. As a result, I've approximated some values from an external program, CivilFEM.

    However, I dont seem to be able to solve the model after adding the nonlinear Mohr-Coloumb properties to engineering data.

    The data from CivilFEM is as follows;
    Name: "Sand - well graded"

    Type: Soil

    E: 8e+07 Pa

    ν: 0.3

    ρ: 2038.74 kg/m³

    G: 3.07692e+07 Pa

    α: 1e-05 1/ΔK

    Act. time: 0 day

    Deact. time: 36500 day

    Plastic behavior: Mohr-Coulomb

    ρ type: Apparent

    γ dry: 20000 N/m³

    γ solid: 20000 N/m³

    γ apparent: 20000 N/m³

    γ submerged: 10190 N/m³

    γ saturated: 20000 N/m³

    γ water: 9810 N/m³

    ρ dry: 2038.74 kg/m³

    ρ solid: 2038.74 kg/m³

    ρ apparent: 2038.74 kg/m³

    ρ submerged: 1038.74 kg/m³

    ρ saturated: 2038.74 kg/m³

    ρ water: 1000 kg/m³

    Porosity: 0

    Void ratio: 0

    Water content ratio: 0

    Saturation grade: 0

    Eff. Cohesion: 0 Pa

    Φ: 30 °

    Hyperbolicity: 0 Pa

    Autocalculate hyperbolicity parameter: Marked

    Non-associative flow rule: Unmarked

    Automatic: Marked

    α: 0 1/s

    β: 0 s

    Damping: 0 %

    ω min.: 0.1 1/s

    ω max.: 100 1/s

    The data was input to ANSYS Workbench as shown on the picture.

    Why won't the model solve? Is this due to the mix between linear properties and nonlinear properties?

    Any help would be appreciated

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