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Nonlinear nonhomogenous differential equations

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    Hello team PF! I have been out of touch from calculus for quite a while and have been trying to solve a differential equation which I believe is nonlinear and non-homogenous. Haven't found any thread much relevant here, so I need this new one. The problem is as follows:

    -(d2 u)/(dx2 ) + γ*u du/dx=f(x), on the interval 0≤ x ≤ 1,

    - subject to Dirichlet Boundary conditions u(0)=0, u(1)=1
    - the constant γ = 10.
    - f(x) = (x2+ 3*x) ex + γ*(x4 - 2*x2 = 3*x) e2x

    I need you guys to help me solve this analytically using any appropriate method. You may ignore f(x) and consider a simpler function, but do keep it nonhomogenous. I have tried but either I go on and on in pages or just can't go further :confused:. Please help me out.

    Any suggestions, if not complete, are most welcome. Thanks in advance.
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