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Nonlinear Physics

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    Hi, all
    Would you guys recommend some books on the subject of nonlinear physics?
    And how is the recent progress about it and its related fields?
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    Strogatz, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos is a standard.

    What specifically do you want to know?
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    yeah, most areas of physics have linear and nonlinear theory

    Non linear fluid mechanics?
    Non linear elasticity?
    Non linear electric circuits?
    Non linear electric component theory?
    Non linear optics
    Non linear mechanical systems?

    und so weiter
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    Excellent book
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    My apology!
    Classical Dynamics, electron correlation and applied mathematics
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    OK here's some more to add to the list

    Applied Maths
    Non linear Ordinary Differential Equations
    Jordan and Smith

    Oxford Applied maths series

    Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
    Linear and NonLinear



    Classical Mechanics
    Chaos in Dynamical Systems


    Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics

    This one also has some electronics applications.


    Non Linear Elastic Deformations


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    Filip Larsen

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    As an engineer I found (the first edition of) the following book quite good with many nice diagrams. It was more or less standard reading at the department I graduated from:

    Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Thompson & Steward, Wiley 2002 (http://books.google.dk/books?id=vQvu-5VPkmcC)
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