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Nonlinear systems of differential equations

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    I think I posted in the wrong section and will repost in the textbook/coursework section but don't know how to delete this. Although if you want to answer feel free.

    The complete question I've been given:
    The Rossler equations are formally defined as
    Let us suppose that a=0.2, b=0.2, c=5.7, x(0)=y(0)=z(0)=0, t∈[0,400].
    Let v1(t) be the solution to the given initial value problem, and let v2(t) be the solution of the initial value problem with x(0)=0.001, y(0)=z(0)=0. Please find (analytically an estimate of the value of tmax>0 such that |v1(t)-v2(t)|<=1 for all t∈[0,tmax]. You may assume that max{|x(t)|,|y(t)|,|z(t)|}<=25 for all t.

    Do I need to actually solve the equations and if so how?
    If i don't then what do I need to do? would approximating the system by a linear one be in the right direction?
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