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Nonsense, gibberish, crackpot.

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    Theres nothing worse than getting some guy post you comments or accusations, and then lock a reply. As if i was unreasonable.

    There is no argument from me on the point you made. I read on a previous thread how this forum has gone through drastic improvements.

    I stuck myself in the maths beginners section. That seems appropriate. I'm not here to test new ideas. They already have been tested by meta-analysis in structural neurochemistry and genetics, and approved by my peers.

    What i'm trying to do is cross these results into another discipline, by the process wich requires me to learn and and transcribe them to maths. Immediately that makes me a beginner, even while getting into the spirit, and doing what i'm asked, buying books, refining what i'm trying to express, still i'm greeted with overtly unpleasant terms, i see repeatedly used here.

    Nonsense, crackpot and gibberish.

    Whats happened is that there has been a bad history here, and you've got stuck in some kind of automatic protection scheme, which involves rattling of accusations ad hoc. It also seems like everyone copies everyone else in this. The same insults are repeated, by several different people, you begin to wonder if any kind of dialouge is taking place at all.

    What i think ends up happening is instilling a false ultra politeness, in those visiting students in need.

    I've had a similiar kind of online experience in of all places of racist forums. Where those guys are so para'd up about american politics, that the forum consists of gang of mods which repeatedly and at the drop of the wrong word, wrongly accuse about every other new visitor of being brainwashed, iberals or jew trolls.

    Interestingly that racist forum "stormfront" is also doing very well now, and refers to their pre-emptive insult policy as a key factor.

    You've improved your forum, and gotten a new framework. Obviously it had previously been a bit of theoretical free for all, in the spirit which was an online trend a while back. This frustrated and wasted a lot of time.

    Its time to chill out. your forum is not its going to revert,as the problem you had was a general one which was the spirit of the internet a while ago, when out planet was in less troubled times. This is not the only forum which has honed its rules like this. In the past year, I feel its happening just about everywhere. The age of endless philosophy and argument for the sake of itself has passed.

    If you want a decent atmosphere, I am sure you can maintain this system, by replacing these offensive terms and imbue a civilised tone. These terms were directed at me as a beginner. i then found them offensive, spent about half the thread not talking about how to learn maths, but debating netiqutte and being on the defensive.

    And then i am then accused of bringing a bad tone for doing this.

    Since this is the feedback thread. I recommend the following replacements for the inflammatory and offensive terms.

    Nonsense with wrong
    Gibberish with Not understandable
    Crackpot with get with program.

    Of that ilk anyway. Thats my last word. I'll repeat, There is nothing wrong with your forum or its rules. Its been very helpfull. But too many problems with the tone brought by the offensive terms.

    It would be for your own interest to figure out a better means of dialouge.
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    And you jump to erroneous conclusion too fast. *I* didn't lock the thread.

    That has NOTHING to do with me. It does, however, have a lot to do with me when you make an over-generalized categorization of this forum in this section. As has been mentioned before, if you have a specific issue with a moderator's action, take it up to THAT moderator via PM. If that led to unsatisfactory result, bring it up to the Administrator! But your blanket accusation, and by your inclusion of the names of physicists, implied an attack on all of us here, and thus my response.

    Again, you AGREED to those terms. We could have asked for UNREASONABLE conditions for your stay here, and those would be well within our rights. This point is VERY clear. If you, however, believe those guidelines were applied incorrectly to you, then its ANOTHER matter. But don't complain about these guidelines AFTER you have agreed to them. It makes no sense!

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    Maybe you should consider the possibility that the problem doesn't lie with others? People weren't commenting on your attitude just to hear themselves speak. The reason I closed your original thread in the math forum was due to your attitude.

    In fact, it was your intellectual dishonesty that was the deciding factor -- while I was trying to decide whether to let the post continue, I noticed that you tried to make it sound as if you had never used the term "divergent series" when you had, in fact, used it twice, and even quoted yourself using the term later in that same post.
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