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Homework Help: Nonuniform Circular Motion

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    !!!Nonuniform Circular Motion

    a 500 g ball rotates on a table while attached to a 1.2 m long tube. A force of 4 N is applied perpendicularly to the end of the tube. the max tension the tube can withstand is 50 N. if the ball starts from rest, how many revolutions does it make before breaking. friction is negligible.



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    How would you begin to solve it? It is good to say what you've thought of, so you can receive help from that perspective.

    As your formula indicates, the force applied on the tube depends on the velocity. So, how about finding the max velocity the tube can hold and then find the amount of time it takes to accelerate to it?
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    Those are some mighty fine equations you got there. Looks like all you need now is an expression for the linear velocity v. What do ya' think? Think it might have something to do with that perpendicular force causing a linear acceleration parallel to v?

    And how is this not uniform circular motion...?

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    Nonuniform in the sense that linear velocity is not constant.
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