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Noob to the site.

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    I am thoroughly impressed with this website. I stumbled across this site last night and stayed up half the night surfing through threads.

    I am a first time student at age 37 working on a mathematics degree at CU Boulder. I am still undecided if i want to go into secondary education, go to grad school for computer science once i finish up my math degree, or go strait into the college of engineering as a undergraduate. I have time to figure it out. I am not a pure math fanatic, i am more of a physics, biology, astronomy nut, but for now i am trying to stay focused! i am to old to switching around and math seems to be the LCD of the subjects above :)
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    Welcome to PF Allenspark. I hope your stay is enjoyable and educational.
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    Glad to have you Allenspark! Hope you stay awhile!
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    Welcome to PF, glad you found us! I hope you like it here :smile:.
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    There are some pretty sharp folks here. You might find a specialist or two that are tops in the fields that you are interested in.
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    Thank you, yes, i have spent several hours lost in this site and there are some VERY sharp folks here. Philosophers, scientist, mathematicians, physicist, its crazy. I am in the bottom 10% in this group. You will not see any advice coming from me! I am so excited to have this resource to pull from.
    Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    welcome! im also a noob lol
    im probably in the bottom .0000000000000000000000000000000001 percent on this group hahaha
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    same here!!!
    We are the noob gang!
  10. Sep 30, 2010 #9
    haha i didnt know so many smart people could all be in one place haha!
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    Welcome to PF, Allen. I'm the "crazy" component of the above quoted catalogue.

    Hell, I consider myself a noob and I've been here for 6 or 7 years.
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    Once again, thank you all!
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    You might retract that once you get to know us... :uhh:
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    Hahaaaaha!... No wonder it's smelly here! Cause in this group my position is ABSOLUTELY ZERO! :biggrin:

    Welcome Allen and stinkbomb12, you'll enjoy it here. :smile:
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    Oh, Jeez... was that you that I farted on? Please accept my apologies; I was was drunk and mistook you for the Penguin.
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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned anything about the fish yet. What kind of fish do you like? :smile:
  17. Sep 30, 2010 #16
    Many dont..... count me in!:biggrin:
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