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Homework Help: Nordstrom metric

  1. Jan 21, 2013 #1
    Could somebody please explain something regarding the Nordstrom metric?

    In particular, I am referring to the last part of question 3 on this sheet --


    about the freely falling massive bodies.

    My thoughts: The gravitational effects would be significant since for a massive body, the geodesic is timelike. There woud thus be a [tex]\eta^{\mu\delta}\partial_\delta \phi \dot x^\beta \dot x_\beta[/tex] is not of the form [tex]f(\lambda)\dot x^\mu[/tex] so the affine parametrization does not eliminate this term containing the gravitational potential [itex]\phi[/itex].

    Does this argument make any sense at all? Also, what more can I say about the geodesics of such massive particles?

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