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Normal conversation with people, use as less 'I' as possible

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    From experience, I have found that in a normal conversation with people, use as less 'I' as possible. Because as soon as 'I' is used the other people get irritated and starts using 'I' as well. Hence everyone starts talking about themselves which leads to everyone being uncomfortable.

    Do you find this?
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    Re: I

    In my experience people tend to like to speak of themselves (am I doing this myself now?). It just seems to be the way people are. Certain individuals seems to be able to capture others' attentions and get them to listen to them though.
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    Re: I

    I noticed the same thing. Notice the "I".

    There are people that love to talk about themselves, and their experiences. And they will get irritated if you interrupt them with your I's.

    But it also gives you a level of control. Let people talk about themselves. Allow them to say the I's and this will make them feel better about themselves around you. Your next meeting will definetly be cordial and friendly.
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    Re: I

    I find human interactions/conversations/relationships very complex :redface:
    , I am working hard on them :biggrin:

    I am realizing that if you motivate the target to talk about itself, the things will go in your favor.

    Otherwise, if you have personal agendas on every single thing, then using 'I' creates big problems.
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