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Normal distrobution? how is it done

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    normal distrobution???? how is it done!!!

    suppose that the heights of men are normally ditributed with a mean of 174 cm and a standard deviation of 10cm and the heights of women are normally distrobuted with a mean of 165cm and a standard deviation of 3 cm. If a man and woman are selected independently at random, find the probability that the woman is taller than the man.

    1.use a random normal generator to simulate the situation.
    2.explain your simulation method clearly so that someone else can follow it.
    3.Carry out at least 50 trials on spreadsheet 1.(hint: the decision command =IF(B2>A2,"Yes","No") may be useful).
    4.use your trials to answer the question.

    anyone know how to do this on Ms excel because i have never done it b4?and what is meant by "use a random normal generator to simulate the situation".
    does anyone know some important points that should be listed in the tool and the trial?.
    and what are those commands, like the one in question 3 are there more of them that I should know?.

    could someone please help me?
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    A "random normal generator" is an algorithm that gives a list of random numbers according to the standard normal distribution rather than the uniform distribution (which is what most random number generators give). I don't know if there is such a thing in Excel. Here is a link to a page that gives an algorithm:
    (From the "Archeological Computing newsletter"!)
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