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  1. What does one mean by normal mode of an object? Why is it 3n-5 for linear particles, 3n-6 for non linear particle where n is the number of particle.
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  3. A normal mode is a specific type of vibration that a molecule can exhibit. They are "normal" because each type of vibration is distinct and cannot be replicated by any combination of the other types. Any possible type of vibration that a molecule can exhibit is just a combination of its normal modes.

    The numbers can probably be derived from symmetry arguments, I don't know how, but it's easier just to draw out molecules for n = 2 and 3 and try to convince yourself that there is an agreement with the formulas.
  4. Is there any book which explained it in more detailed manner! That you could recommend?
  5. There are loads, Bernath (2005) is pretty good for a conceptual overview in the context of spectroscopy, should be in most scientific libraries. But if you're serious about molecular spectroscopy.... Penner or Herzberg are solid, detailed (if a little old) texts.
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