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Normal modes solution

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    For a coupled two-body oscillator we write the general solution as:
    Where we determine C1-/C2- and C1+/C2+ from the normal mode condition.

    We call ψ1-2-- and ψ1+= ψ2++, and we end up with 4 adjustable constants: C1-,C1+, ψ-, ψ+.

    Why is that? Why can't ψ2- be a function of ψ1-,( ψ1+ maybe), C1- and C1+, such that ψ2-(C1+=0)=ψ1-, in order to keep the "pure", in phase, normal mode solution? The same for ψ2+.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Can anybody give me any kind of answer? Maybe it's an inappropriate question.
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