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Normalization of debye

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    Hi Members,
    We know that in Debye model, the phonon spectrum is given by g([tex]\omega[/tex])=Const.[tex]\omega^2[/tex]. And if we have N atoms and so 3N normal modes..so 3N=integral of g([tex]\omega[/tex])d[tex]\omega[/tex] and solving by simple integration rule we get Const. = 9N/([tex]\omega^3_D[/tex]).
    Now my problem is how to get it Normalized equation..g([tex]\omega[/tex])=???(1).
    In books i see g([tex]\omega[/tex])=3[tex]\omega^2[/tex]/[tex]\omega^3_D[/tex].
    I just need to know how to derive g([tex]\omega[/tex])=3[tex]\omega^2[/tex]/[tex]\omega^3_D[/tex]???
    Please explain me clearly every step for such derivation..And in general how to normalizes a function step by step ???
    thanks for your time!!
    and eagerly waiting for your reply
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