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Normalized data

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    Can anyone explain how one would normalize data from a lab? We just completed the lens equation lab in class and part of the analysis is to include "normalized" virtual object data in the graph. There are only 4 measurements taken. Any feedback would be great! :shy:
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    To normalize data often means to divide by some characteristic quantity. For example, in a circuit, we might divide all of the impedances by the characteristic impedance. This might make it easier for us to compare data from many different circuits, with different characteristic impedances.

    In an optics lab, I'm not sure what I would normalize by, but it should be something that makes data from different situations easy to compare. For example, if I measured images of various objects, maybe I would divide the lengths by the object size. Or if I used various lenses, maybe I would divide distances by some characteristic length of the lenses...
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