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North Cliff failure

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    Apparantly we have missed this event some weeks ago.

    Careful when walking on cliffs. (Look at the right top at 10 seconds.)

    Looking forward to comments from geologists.
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    I saw it when it first came out.
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    From the video - "The failure occurred at about 5pm on Friday 23rd September 2011. It took place on the North Coast of Cornwall."

    One should always be careful approaching the edge of cliff, and depending on the geology (e.g., sandstone) and weather (following heavy rain), it's best to stay well away from some areas.
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    Dramatic mass wasting. What is the geology of that area?
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    The site is apparently North Cliffs near Hayle, Cornwall. The geology in the area seems mostly sandstone and shale on or adjacent to granite.

    Hayle cliff fall 'could happen again' experts warn


    Report on the geology of Cornwall, Devon and west Somerset By Henry Thomas De La Beche, 1839

    Geology near Penzance - http://www.pznow.co.uk/geology/geology.htm

    West Penwith geology - http://projects.exeter.ac.uk/geomincentre/05West Penwith.pdf

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