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News North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'

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    N. Korea wants a war. They say the sancations are an act of war their's no reason to go over war by scantions(Wars make scantions worse). So the only reason is that North Korea thinks that they have enough to go into south korea...
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    There is a difference between wanting a thing to occur and accepting it's inevitability. As for sanctions, they are a weapon when used to punish a nation.

    The Carter doctrine, which Bush used as justification for invading Iraq, basically makes the same assertion that Ri makes. N. Korea views sanctions as a threat to it's national security. Since the dollar is backed by oil, not gold, oil is a vital to the national security of the US.

    I do not believe they are going to invade S. Korea. In fact, I would not put much stock in anything he says, since his words are measured propaganda.
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    Potential breakthrough in the North Korean confrontation:


    Though it remains to be seen whether the parties will adhere to the agreement (North Korea's track record being worrisome), this has the potential to end the decades-long tension on the Korean peninsula.

    The Bush administration can claim a great deal of credit for this, although I am sure many will state that the President should not accept any responsibility for what he has done here.

    They will insist that some "scapegoat" should be held accountable.

    Let's see...

    Christopher R. Hill:

    -served in Peace Corps
    -was a member of a Democratic Congressman's staff


    It will also be useful to distort the efforts of the other members of the six-party talks to ensure that the burden of accountability does not rest on the President's shoulders.

    We wouldn't want the President to reap the results of his foreign policy, now would we?
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    John Bolton is urging the President and Congress to reject the latest settlement. He argues that such an agreement indicates a sign of weakness.


    Other stories - http://news.yahoo.com/fc/World/North_Korea [Broken]

    Rice calls North Korean deal 'important first step'
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    IMO John Bolton is an abomination, but one with a mission, to chop at the knees any authority the UN might have, or any other impediment to the US (and Israel) decision/right to employ military might.

    Based on his record, I'd say he sees any form of diplomacy as wrong minded, unless its at the end of the barrel of a gun. Arguably is a war criminal himself, but thats more a matter of perspective.
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    I was intrigued by the split among so-called conservatives.

    I do have a problem with someone who views diplomacy as a sign of weakness. That is not the kind of people who should be in government.

    Let's get rid of the bullies.
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    More hot air. No tinpot dictator is stupid enough to launch an invasion or fling nukes in anger on the United States' watch. While I don't agree with their current foreign policy, I have every confidence that they could totally flatten north korea in retaliation.

    NK have it perfect - the US can't attack them, because the moment they do, ten thousand heavy artillery rounds hit Seoul and there'll be nothing they can do about it.

    At the same time though, they could do the exact same thing off their own bat and it wouldn't dissuade or hamper the US in any way in flattening a few cities of their own.

    Americans don't have the stomach for a war in Korea. Quite right too - it'd be a messy, dangerous business, particularly as most of the precision weaponry is already stretched - the fighting would be done the old fashioned way.
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    Who cares what Bolton thinks! Is the American Enterprise Institute performing diplomatic services for the Bush Administration? GAG!

    On the other hand, saying "NO" is in the vocabulary of diplomats. It worked for Reagan...

    I understand that one million tons of heating oil is the carrot in this case. Total value is something like 500 million dollars if heating oil sells for $2/gallon. Its not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but does anyone think that N. Korea will actually honor the deal? Will the US, Japan and China honor their promises? It hasn't worked out so well in the past.
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