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News Northern Ireland

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    Just thought that seeing as soo many people have opinions on what should happen with Northern Ireland that a thread should be started for people to carry on the discusion that started in da UK election thread.
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    If you would like to help those who have been affected most by the British occupation of the 6 counties of Northeast Ireland you can help http://www.inac.org/
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    *Sigh* there really is a major issue in the UK with the ignorance of many Americans about the complexties of the conflict and I'd be wary of donatiunbg any money to organistaions like that as in the past these organistaions have been used to fund terorism. IT's a bit rich to call it an 'occuaption' a few days after the DUP consilidated their postion as the largest poltical party in Northern Ireland.
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    Ptex, I don't think you have an understanding of what's going on in Northern Ireland.

    The situation has nothing to do with British occupation. The self confessed 'British' people there have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. The conflicts there are not "Irish vs UK Government". If the UK "pulled out" of Northern Ireland (and I have no idea how they'd do this, it would be like the US 'pulling out' of Texas), what would happen to the 1.6 million residents? Do you think they'd just sit there and accept it?

    With regard to your link, I wouldn't trust any website which can't spell the country it's campaigning against, and less so one which is likely to fund the IRA. If you want to take sides on the issue of Northern Ireland, I suggest you do some research.

    I'd like to reiterate that I'm neither pro or anti unionist, but at least around here, those who are actually know what they're talking about.
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    Quite amusing that the website is INACurate. What i would like to know is what reason the british governement has to occupy nothern ireland? The only reason that i can see is to keep the peace.
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    jcsd I think that you use the word terorism although I think you mean terrorism very loosely. Andy, I think that’s why Syria was in Lebanon but I could be wrong. Also I guess the Brits will be in Iraq for hundreds of years now following the logic that I am reading here. I don’t want to upset anyone so I will leave it at that.
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    England invaded Ireland a very long time ago during a time when the leader of the British was very belicose. After a time it was easier to hold onto Ireland than to let it go. Eventually England was ready to step out but they didn't trust the Irish and the Irish didn't trust them, rightly so on both counts. It's led to somewhat of a stand off. Ireland has been set up with a provisional government more than once I believe and every time something happened it wound up getting blamed on the Irish political parties so their provisional government was taken away again. I don't know the situation very well but this is what I have gathered from what I have read.
    The term Terrorism itself is rather loose and the IRA, among others, definitely were terrorists (it's up to debate whether or not they are still). They made attacks against the British not only in Ireland but in England too, including attacks against civilians.
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    Come to Manchester and see the site of the IRA's 1996 bomb in a shopping centre, and then repeat that statement.
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