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Norton AV and grey hair

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    I do not understand this program.

    When it finishes its scan, it's going to list a bunch of threats, some it will have purged, most it will have failed. And it will give me two choices:
    Skip - do not bother doing anything about these files
    Exclude - do not bother checking these files again

    I don't want to EITHER of those! Any option I choose leaves my computer wide open!

    So, I do what I do every time. I stare at the buttons for several minutes, paralyzed, then I [X] kill the program, having chosen neither option.

    What are they THINKING!!??
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    Norton is bloated. Try Nod32
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    Try booting in safe mode and then scan.
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    Good point.That would makje sense and does address my "why it can't delete threats" problem (in fact, it makes one wonder why NAV doesn't suggest running in safe mode), but it doesn't address the extremely confusing interface. Do I want to Skip? or Exclude?
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    Are your virus defs up to date (Sept. 8, 2005) ? If not update and rerun NAV. If you don't have a subscription (for the virus defs) and the defs are old I'd take the following paranoid approach: Write down every file name that Norton gives you the option on (skip or exclude). Then go to Symantec and search ( http://www.symantec.com/search/ ) for the various files to see if a virus has been associated with any of them. If so use the by hand solution given by Symantec if not exclude.
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