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Norway's Constitution Day

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    On May 17th, 1814, Norway got its first constitution.
    The most prominent feature on our day of celebration is the Children's Parade, where the children in the neighbourhood form a parade and wave Norwegian flags and yell "Hooray!".
    The adults line up all the way where the parade is coming, and "hooray" as well when the parade passes them.

    The slightly bigger "children" in Norway, i.e the 18-year olds who celebrate that they're finished with 12 years school, have a different sort of celebration throughout the first two and a half weeks of May leading up to May 17th:
    They party practically non-stop, driving about, for example in large buses with ghetto-blasters spewing out music at full volume in the middle of the night (yes, it can be quite annoying if you really wanted to sleep..)

    On May 17th, they round up their former teachers about 6.00 A.M and drive them off to a nice breakfast.

    In general, the "russ'es", as they're called, are doing their best to excel in non-malicious "disorderly conduct", while we others say to each other in feigned, shocked tones: "We never did THAT when we were russ!".
    Or, if they have behaved "too nicely", we get disappointed, and think they've been lame this year.

    This year is quite special in that on 7th of June, we'll celebrate the first century of Norwegian independence; the union between Norway and Sweden ended in 1905.
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    What's Norweedish for 'Congratulations'? :biggrin:
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    'Gratulerer' (grah-to-leh-rer) hard r's, not them soft american r's :biggrin:

    Gratulerer med dagen Norge! (Happy birthday Norway!)
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    I didn't realize how many Norweeds we had at PF. :smile:

    Gratulerer med dagen Norge!
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    Yeah, that country must be bigger than I thought.

    Gratulerer med dagen Norge! :biggrin:
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    Jäj snacker icke Norsk, men jäj önskar er lycka og välmå på min Scandinaviska!

    (I don't speak Norwegian, but I wish you luck and prosperity in Scandinavian (a terrible mix of Scandinavian languages).

    And thanks for the info on Newtons personality, arildno! Oh, and you did not by any chance get a free breakfast, did you?
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    I hope you have a nice day. :rolleyes:

    You know, the best things of these sort of days is you haven't have to go to work or to the university.
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    ...and you get to study/work at home instead. Indeed wonderful. :smile: :wink:
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    I never been to Norway only to Denmark and I remember only one thing when I was in Kopenhagen ; tons of hot chicks !
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    hej Arildno

    Have a great National day! I love Norway, the best place in the world that I have ever visited - awesome scenery and lovely people.
    You know what the best bit was though?? - You're not in the Stupid EU!!
    Stay free, celebrate!!
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    Syttende mai er Norges grunnlovsdag, nasjonaldagen fremfor noen annen!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Happy Constitution Day!

    Although part Finn, I am also a Swede. And I still prefer to think of Norway as west Sweden. :biggrin:
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    Yeah, I never do that either. :tongue:

    Happy Constitution Day!

    (btw, great country ya got there - I visited Stavenger and Oslo a few years ago.)
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    you guys did great job in nationalizing oil production, but when Canada wanted to do the same they cried communism !
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