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Nostalgia for the everything and the immortal.

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    Hi yall

    Do you think there is some sort of nostalgia in human beings, against... the individualization of living things, which would, for this effect, include the characteristics of: birth, sex, death.

    The reason I ask this, I was watching a talk by a neuroscientist who had a stroke, after which she acquired a new spirituality. During the stroke she had episodes in which certain parts of her brain kinda disconnected, so sometimes she wouldnt feel as limited by her body, but she would feel part of... the room, the floor, the air etc.

    I have knowledge that there are drugs which mimic this effect, I dont know if exactly this happens with popular recreational drugs, but I have read that the way this particular drug acts, is it kinda disables some sectors in the brain that give you this sense of individuality.

    After watching the interview, I recalled a text I read from Baudrillard ("The Vital Illusion"). He argues that a great revolution was made, first, in life, because it sort of made use life and death to distinguish an individual during that existence; then, in sexuality, to further differentiate this, and of course, of death.

    He raises the question: so, with the sexual revolution-- that is, first to liberate sex from life (anti conceptives), then, liberate life from sex (artificial insemination, cloning, etc.) --and with this quest for, apparently, immortality (or at least for many, to start with, the prolongation of life), should we be afraid we are trying now to revolutionize life, to liberate life from death?

    Im not really sure about the ambiguity or contradiction in some of the claims I made, but I do perceive some sort of nostalgia associated with this feeling of "everything" and "immortality": in religion(god), new age(nature), physics(the universe), etc etc.

    Even, perhaps, a lament for our "individualization".

    After all, maybe the things that make up this universe may not certainly be "immortal" or said to exist "forever forever"... but it does involve a long long long long period of time, which is so big for our understanding that... it accounts for something very similar, to our perception.

    So, what do you think about this?
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    You seem to be all over the place, brain injuries, sex, mind altering drugs.

    Please read the guidelines for posting in this forum, then you can come back with a post that is discussable.

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